How can I support you?

cognitive behavioral therapy in santa barbara

Individual Therapy

You are in the driver’s seat, I am your headlights. My goal as your therapist is to bring attention to potholes and barriers. Once we identify the roadblocks, we explore creative ways to move around them. Or maybe you choose a new route altogether.

outdoor therapy session in santa barbara

Outdoor Movement Therapy

Studies show that people who exercise outside experience more mental health benefits than people who exercise inside. Outdoor movement therapy applies this same concept to mental fitness. I meet you where you’re at in terms of fitness and comfortability; be that sitting in a park, walking barefoot on the beach, or a hike on our local trails.

[Intake and treatment planning sessions take place in my office.]

in person couples therapy in santa barbara

Couples Therapy

I provide a safe environment for each partner to identify their needs and effectively communicate them with one another. This is a learning process! Be prepared to explore new ways of listening, responding and expressing yourself. I have helped couples navigate communication problems, infidelity, trust issues, lack of connection and high conflict.