pilot light: [noun] a small permanent flame used to ignite gas at a burner.

I was finishing up a 10 mile training run in New York City, sweaty and smiling, when the doorman stopped me. Matching my grin he asked, “That’s your pilot light, huh?”

He defined pilot light as that passion inside you that’s always been burning. When you give it gas, it warms the whole house.

My pilot light is spending time outdoors, moving my body. Named after the Challis National Forest, I grew up exploring Idaho’s mountains, valleys and rivers and understand the positive effects of outdoor experience on physical and mental health.

In my experience, making contact with the natural world is the most effective treatment for trauma recovery. I integrate the healing powers of nature with attention your goals and aspirations. What does this look like? Treatment planning and initial sessions in my office with progression to outdoor movement therapy, if desired.

I use Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) modalities to treat trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. I’m based in Santa Barbara, California and offer in-person sessions outdoors and in my office.

I use a client-centered approach that honors the lived experience and inherent wisdom of my clients. Throughout therapy you may find greater self-acceptance, curiosity, and courage to change. It’s time to give yourself the celebration and support you deserve.

I graduated from Antioch University, Santa Barbara in 2019 and became licensed in 2021.