Blogging for PBS’s SciTech Now

Simon Davies: The Father of Internet Privacy.

Blogging for Through Eternity tour agency in Rome. All articles originally published on the official Through Eternity Blog.

Rome’s Secret Streets – Discovered while house hunting.

Orsanmichele in Florence – And working the Tuscan grape harvest.

Rome at Christmas – How Mamma Roma adopted me for the holidays.

In The Shadow of No Towers – Investigates why Art Spiegelman uses historical comics characters and auto-citations of Maus to share his experience of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Race and Gender in Lena Dunham’s Girls  – Investigates whether Girls challenges hegemony through interpretations of race and gender.

Il giornalista a Roma – Investigates the role of the journalist in contemporary Roman literature and film (article in Italian).

Creative Writing

Coopkey Springs – Memoir – That time we founded a hot spring in the Idaho wilderness.

Crushed and Mended – Memoir – Sometimes you have to feel like shit to figure out what feels best.

Leo’s New Tube – Memoir – How and where to change your bike tire in Rome.

Maccheroni on the Table – Memoir – Seven days in Sicily. Making love in underwater caves. Real maccheroni.

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