About Me

AMFT 118011 – Under supervision of Clark Elliott PhD, MFT #21362

I specialize in ecotherapy and integrate the healing powers of nature with attention to my clients’ goals and aspirations. Named after the Challis National Forest, I grew up exploring Idaho’s mountains, valleys and rivers and understand the positive effects of outdoor experience on physical and mental health.

I offer private sessions integrating physical activity (hiking, yoga, running) with depth therapy. I’m currently based in Mammoth Lakes, California and offer remote sessions throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

I use a client-centered approach that honors the lived experience and inherent wisdom of my clients. Throughout therapy you may find greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, curiosity, and courage to change. 

I graduated from Antioch University in 2019 with an MA in Clinical Psychology. I am working under supervision of Clark Elliott PhD, MFT #21362.